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The Source of all Life is The Energy Within Us

The Greatest Power in Us Lies Within The Subconscious Mind

How do we access the power that lies within our subconscious mind? Is there a key to it?

Yes! The Alpha Level of Your Mind is the Key!

This workshop has simplified the techniques of accessing the Alpha Level.

You can reach this level by a very simple meditation. At this level you will be in touch with your subconscious mind and you will be able to access all the wonderful powers hidden there, waiting to be unleashed!

·  Alpha Meditation is known to relieve stress automatically and makes goal achievements very easy.

·  Practicing Alpha Meditation regularly I will help you to improve your intuitive powers and enhance clear thinking, self confidence and courage.

·   Your performance levels will increase and you will be able to deal very effectively with any situation in life.

The Alpha Level of our mind enables us better access to unleash that potential. Soon after attaining Alpha, pleasant changes flood our lives where we may soon realize that it is not merely coincidences but the power of our subconscious at work.

Practicing Alpha Meditation regularly helps us retain energy, increase performance levels, relieve stress and enable us with clarity of thought and self confidence. An individual is empowered with better intuition or the “gut” feeling as it is referred to, to deal with any and every situation in life. These include situations at work and at home.

The Alpha State of the Mind surely helps change our thought forms from negative to positive thereby help to transform our energy levels. Problem solving once the mind is in the Alpha state can be just a few minutes away.

It is surely one of the best known mind training methods.

It is the need of the hour! You surely can realize the magic in your mind.

The advantage is that it can be practiced anywhere anytime by anyone who believes in the power of their own mind!

Overall Benefits of this Session:

·         Total physical and mental relaxation

·         Improved performance levels of individual

·         Improved focus and clarity

·         Helps individuals manage time and multitask better

·         Better mastery on thoughts and emotions

·         Improves relationships at home and at work

·         Rejuvenates the brain immediately whenever tired

·         Helps sleep well at night

·         Helps heal yourself and others around you

·         Success and prosperity in all spheres of life

If you are one of the number of folks out there who has never tried tapping the Alpha Power of the mind, this workshop surely helps get you started:

During this session you will be guided through some techniques led by  the highly acclaimed practitioner, Dr Ushy Mohan Das with the ultimate goal of eliminating or reducing a negative pattern of behavior or a thought process, or, increasing a positive behavior or attitude.

 This inter active workshop empowers participants with a very powerful tool. It is one's decision and free will whether, or not to use it. Attending this workshop will take you through the process of understanding and experiencing the tool.

 Often, attendees of this workshop have experienced a total paradigm shift in their attitude and aligned with life.Instead of feeling helpless and weak, they felt well equipped to face any situation in life!

TRUST is the key to the door of your higher mind, and APPRECIATION makes the opening easier.

For a person who practices Alpha Meditations nothing is impossible in life!

Through this workshop awaken and activate the

Giant Magical Power within you!

About The Expert :

Dr Ushy Mohan Das is a dynamic individual and a very effective behavioral therapist. A renowned Doctor by profession and an academic by passion, her workshops are known to energize and uplift people in a profound way.An experienced ,world class motivational speaker, who has so far coached and healed thousands of people all over the globe, she has studied, researched and practiced various forms of energy and distance healing. Her training is known to be highly energetic, interesting, informative, useful and empowering.


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